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Vito Catanzaro- Alumni

Vito Catanzaro '16


Monterey County District Attorney, Mediation Clinic, Restraining Order Clinic.

Community Activities


Legal Interest(s)

Housing development, real property, corporations, and contracts.

Personal Milestones

Working for the state seemed like a “pipe dream” while in law school. The rumor going around was graduating from MCL locked you into a boutique law firm in Monterey County. That’s not true. I’ve proven that working hard and gaining experience can lead you to where you want to go!

Career Path

Having an internship with the Monterey County District Attorney in addition to beginning my attorney career in workers’ compensation defense and civil litigation made me realize that litigation was not meant for me. I’ve truly found my calling at HCD to provide opportunities for safe and affordable housing for all Californians.

Why Law?

Originally, I strived to work in entertainment law as film was (and remains) a passion of mine. I wanted to negotiate contracts for studios and production companies. However, learning other subjects in law school and work experience led me down a different path.

Encouraging Legal Studies

People that are looking for a continued challenge in a career with never ending opportunities to advance and grow should look into law school. Also, you may end up in a career that provides a difference for many people!

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vito catanzaro

Vito Catanzaro '16

Vito Catanzaro- Alumni