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Samantha Hart Farren

Samantha Hart Farren '13


I participated in the small claims clinic and interned for the Santa Cruz County District Attorney's Office. Out of law school I began working for Yvonne Ascher, who was my Trusts and Estates professor in my final year of law school.

Community Activities

I am the second district Commissioner for the Santa Cruz County Women's Commission.

Legal Interest(s)

Though I am not a CA Bar Certified Specialist, my areas of practice are estate planning, trust and probate administration, guardianship and conservatorships, contracts and real estate.

Personal Milestones

I graduated with my BA from The University of the Pacific in three years. I then became MCL's youngest student at 20 years old and graduated at 24 years old. Since passing the CA Bar in 2012, I have been successfully self employed for nine years, while having two children during that time. In addition to a successful career, I have submitted proposed legislative changes to the CA Government Code for Public Employees that is currently making its way through the CA Senate unopposed by either party.

Career Path

I went to law school thinking I would practice criminal law. However, after taking Trust and Estates - I fell in love with that area of law and never looked back.

Why Law?

I feel like my career choice and specific area of practice truly helps families in their most vulnerable moments. I love the human aspect and love educating my clients so that they leave empowered. I want my children's generation to see that a woman can be both professionally successful and respected, as well as present for family.

Encouraging Legal Studies

As a lawyer you are empowered to make real change that echoes through the generations to come. Whether that is enacting legislation or providing compassionate services to a family after the passing of a loved one - you CAN effect change. By being an attorney, you have the skills, license and unique opportunity to do amazing things.

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