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Monterey College of Law offers quality legal education accessible to students of diverse backgrounds who graduate and serve their communities in countless ways. On these pages, read about some of the important outcomes and impacts of MCL’s over 50 years serving Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Kern, and, most recently, Sonoma counties. 


Outcomes and Impact Reports



Community - Service To Our Communities

Students, graduates, faculty, and staff support our local communities in dozens of ways, including donations, coordinated volunteer efforts, free or low-cost legal clinics, and free or low-cost mediation services through the Mandell Gisnet Center.  Hundreds of service hours, valued at over $1,000,000, are provided annually across MCL’s four physical campuses and online locations.  

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Students Studying

Service - A Half Century of Service

A humble plan in 1972 to provide a quality legal education in a community law school setting with graduates dedicated to professional excellence, integrity, and community service has grown to four residential campuses and a Hybrid Online J.D. option that attracts students from across California.  Many of MCL’s graduates are lawyers and judges who represent and serve the people of California across the state in more than a dozen counties.  It is a legacy of service -- to Monterey County, and now, San Luis Obispo, Kern, and Sonoma counties – that few law schools of any kind can claim.

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Student Success - Outstanding Student Success

MCL students benefit from the institution's decades of experience in providing top-notch legal education that equips them to practice law ethically and successfully. We design the programs and courses to provide the necessary skills and knowledge required of competent legal professionals.  We use data from quizzes, exam scores, and other assessments to identify where each student needs to focus their efforts to achieve their academic goals. By using this information, we can help each student reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen program of study.  At MCL, we take student success seriously.  

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Diversity - Improving Diversity of Students, Graduates, and the Legal Profession

Diversity is essential in law.  It enables firms and legal departments to serve their clients better and those in the justice system to receive greater fairness.  A diverse profession promotes differing perspectives, leading to innovation, engagement, and community well-being.  MCL's enrollment reflects the communities it serves, and it's a testament to the success that an "opportunity" law school can achieve when it prioritizes diversity and access.

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