Many people face critical legal issues that affect their lives without knowing where to turn for information and assistance; hiring a private attorney isn’t always an option. Transportation, work hours, and language can be obstacles. With limited resources, many do nothing, often worsening a bad situation. Community Legal Clinics give residents somewhere to turn when experiencing legal problems. MCL students are required to participate in community clinics as part of their education and training. Supervised by faculty attorneys and supported by staff and volunteers, these clinics serve a vital purpose.

Common issues include small claims, housing, family law, limited conservatorship, restraining orders, immigration, and mediation. Our free and low-cost clinics provide information, assistance, and access to justice. Across all services, over 3,000 people have sought our help with legal matters in the past year.

Help us expand our outreach and continue to be a legal resource for the community by making a donation through the MC Gives! 2023 campaign until December 31, 2023.  To make a donation, click here.