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KCCL Student Bar Association

kccl sba

Welcome to the Kern County College of Law Student Bar Association webpage.  Exams are separated by year below.  

First Year

Contracts (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2020, FA2019), SPR2020

Criminal Law ( FA2021, FA2020, FA2019)

Criminal Procedure (SPR 2021, SPR2020

Torts (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2000, FA2019), SPR2020

Second Year

Civil Procedure (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2020,FA2019), SPR2020

Evidence (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2020,FA2019), SPR2020

Real Property (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2020,FA2019), SPR2020

Third Year

Business Organizations (SPR 2021)

Community Property (FA2021, FA2020, FA2019)

Constitutional Law (FA2021, SPR 2021, FA2020,FA2019, SPR2020)

Remedies (SPR 2021, SPR2020)

Fourth Year Wills and Trust (FA2021, FA2020)